Healthy skin, hair and nails with hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil

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  • 1) DR. GRANDEL Perfect SKIN Hyaluron Beauty from the inside out
  • 2) Salus® Herbal Tea for the Skin Herbal Tea No. 14
  • 3) Alsiroyal - Evening Primrose Oil Capsules, 60 Capsules
  • 4) ECHT VITAL COENZYM Q10, 60 capsules
  • 5) M.Reich Alkaline Salt

Price: 29,90


DR. GRANDEL Perfect SKIN Hyaluron Beauty from the inside out

  • with biotin, niacin, vitamin B2, and zinc for the skin; with copper and vitamin C for the connective tissue plus 100 mg hyaluronic acid
  • food supplement
60 capsules (23 g)

Perfect SKIN Hyaluron contains selected micronutrients:

The beauty vitamins biotin, niacin and vitamin B2 as well as the beauty element zinc support the safeguarding of beautiful and healthy skin. The trace element copper and vitamin C help to obtain a healthy connective tissue.
gluten-free, lactose-free
Hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the skin and connective tissue, rounds off the composition of DR. GRANDEL Perfect SKIN Hyaluron. Hyaluron is highly valued as an active ingredient in cosmetics because of its considerable water-binding capacity. 

The well-dosed Perfect SKIN Hyaluron capsules from DR. GRANDEL contain 100 mg hyaluronic acid in combination with carefully balanced vital and building substances.


Hyaluronic acid (28.1 %), separating agent: cellulose, vitamin C, zinc citrate, niacin: Hyaluronic acid (28.1 %), separating agent cellulose, vitamin C, zinc citrate, niacin, copper gluconate, separating agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, vitamin B2, biotin. Capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, dye titanium dioxide.
  • gluten-free
  • lactose free
Per capsel % of the reference quantity*
Hyaluronic acid 100 mg --**
Biotin 25 µg 50 %
Niacin 8 mg 50 %
Vitamin B2 0,7 mg 50 %
Vitamin C 40 mg 50 %
Zinc 5 mg 50 %
Copper 500 µg 50 %
* Reference quantity for daily supply in accordance with EU Food Information Regulation 
** No reference quantity defined

Recommended intake: 

Swallow one capsule daily with liquid.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake indicated. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Ensure a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of small children.
  • img2) ECHT VITAL COENZYM Q10, 60 capsules

    Price: 19,80 €

    One capsule of REAL VITAL COENZYM Q10 contains 200 mg of vegetable coenzyme Q10 - 196 mg of which is ubiquinone.

    Coenzyme Q10 is found in every body cell, from where its second name Ubiquinone comes, which means "everywhere". As the name suggests, coenzyme Q10 is not a real enzyme. The organs lung, liver and heart have the highest proportion of coenzyme Q10.

    Coenzyme Q10 is partly absorbed through food (e.g. nuts, maize, onions, sesame oil) and partly produced by the body itself.

    REAL VITAL COENZYM Q10 is a purely vegetable and vegan product. REAL VITAL COENZYM Q10 is obtained in a fermentation process of glucose from corn. No separating agents or additives are used in the production process.


    Coenzyme Q10, microcrystalline cellulose (filler), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegan)

    Recommended consumption:

    Take 1 capsule daily without chewing, with sufficient liquid with a meal.
  • img3) Salus® Herbal Tea for the Skin Herbal Tea No. 14

    Price: 3,35 €

    • Food 
    • For a naturally beautiful skin appearance
    • Salus quality since 1916

    1 Pck à 15FB = 30 g

    The valuable plant substances in this tasty herbal tea blend support the skin's elasticity.
    An abundant supply of liquid with Salus herbal tea for the skin prevents the skin from early dehydration.

    Recommended Consumption:

    Pour 200 ml of boiling water over the filter bag in a cup and let it steep for about 5 to 10 minutes.
    Then remove the filter bag.


    drink 3 times day a cup of tea before meals. In addition, you should drink at least 1.5 litres of liquid per day.
    A healthy lifestyle and a balanced, varied diet are important for your health.

    Composition according to package information:

    Lime blossoms, rose hip peels, nettle leaves, aniseed fruit, pansy herb, elderflower, dandelion leaves, horsetail herb, sage leaves, nanamin leaves.
  • img4) Alsiroyal - Evening Primrose Oil Capsules, 60 Capsules

    Price: 16,99 €

    Food supplement with vitamin A and evening primrose oil

    The high-quality evening primrose oil contains at least 10% of the polyunsaturated fatty acid gamma linolenic acid. Thus, the daily dosage of 3 capsules contains a total of at least 150 mg gamma linolenic acid.

    The evening primrose oil capsules contain vitamin A, which contributes to the preservation of a healthy skin. A healthy skin appearance supports an attractive appearance and is a reflection of the health of men and women.

    In addition, vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal vision and normal functioning of the immune system.

    The capsules are made from starch, making them suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

    Recommended intake:

    Consume 3 capsules once a day with plenty of liquid. This recommended amount corresponds to an intake of 150 mg gamma linolenic acid.


    The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of small children. 


    Evening primrose oil 73.3 g, capsule shell modified maize starch, humectant glycerine, gelling agent carrageenan, vitamin A 17.6 mg RE, acidity regulator sodium carbonates.

    Calorific value: 3056 Kj (729.9 kcal)
    Carbohydrates: 24,7 g
    Fat: 74 g
    Protein: 1 g
  • img5) M.Reich Alkaline Salt

    Price: 29,95 €

    Alkaline body care salt for targeted acid neutralization

    1500 g.
    8.5-9.5 pH value  

    Alkaline body care salt BasenSalz is a pure natural product for targeted neutralization via the skin. The unique formula combines exclusively natural ingredients in natural cosmetic quality with 11 gemstones in the finest grinding. Due to its proven effectiveness, BasenSalz is approved and registered as a medical product. The skin compatibility has been tested by an independent institution under specialist medical supervision according to international guidelines and rated as very good. 


    sea salt, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonate, natural minerals, agate, aquamarine, rock crystal, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine natural, onyx, rose quartz, sapphire, tourmaline quartz


    Alkaline full bath
    For a basic full bath you need 3-4 tablespoons of our body care salt BasenSalz. We recommend bathing at a water temperature of 36 - 37.5° C (body temperature) and a duration of at least 30 minutes.
    Alkaline foot or hand bath
    For a basic foot or hand bath you need a teaspoon of BasenSalz on a bath bowl. We recommend bathing at a water temperature of 36 - 37.5° C (body temperature) and a duration of at least 30 minutes.
    Alkaline baby or sitting bath
    For a basic baby or sitting bath you need 1-2 tablespoons of BasenSalz. For example, a closed laundry basket with a capacity of approx. 25 litres can be used as a container.
    Alkaline deodorant replacement
    In the palm of your hand, mix one teaspoon of BasenSalz with a little lukewarm water. This mixture can now be applied to the cleaned armpit area and left to dry.
    Tip: You can also flavor the lye with an essential oil such as lavender.
    Alkaline shower peeling
    Add a teaspoon of BasenSalz to the palm of your hand and rub gently after showering. Finally, simply rinse the body again.
    Alkaline massage
    Mix your massage oil, ideally a high-quality and natural body oil, with the desired amount of BasenSalz. The salt oil mixture can then be applied to the body and gently massaged in.
    Alkaline sauna treatment
    During your sauna session, after sweating, apply the desired amount of alkaline salt to the body and gently massage in the body care salt. Do not forget to take a shower after a sauna session!
    Alkaline inhalation
    You need a ½ teaspoon of BasenSalz in 2 litres of boiling water. The classic version with bowl and towel or alternatively an inhaler is suitable for this.
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