Help by menstrual pain with evening primrose oil, magnesium and B-Vitamins

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  • 1) Raab Organic Evening Primrose Oil Capsules
  • 2) Salus® Herbal tea specialities for women
  • 3) GRANDELAT Magnesium powder DIRECT 400 mg
  • 4) Salus Floradix® Iron plus B-Vitamins, Capsules
  • 5) Dr. Budwig Omega-3 Cell Gold For the Woman

Price: 24,90


Raab Organic Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

Food supplement with linoleic acid from evening primrose oil 
120 pieces
  • is a natural source of the unsaturated fatty acids gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid
  • Glutenfrei
  • EU Organic
  • Laktosefrei
Evening primrose oil is obtained from the seeds of the evening primrose (Oenothera) and is a natural source of the unsaturated fatty acids gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid.
120 capsules, 89,2 g

This package contains 60 servings.


67 % evening primrose oil*, 32 % capsule cover (pork-based gelatin*, humectant: glycerin, water), antioxidant agent: tocopherol-rich extract
(*from controlled organic farming)

Recommended intake:

Take 1 capsule twice per day with some liquid.


The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store out of the reach of small children. Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place.
Raab Vitalfood uses only the best raw materials and examines all products for residues as well as for the advertised nutrient contents.
Organic labelling: DE-ÖKO-001 EU / non-EU Agriculture
  • img2) Salus® Herbal tea specialities for women

    Price: 3,45 €

    women's tea 

    • Harmonizing pleasure for body and soul
    • Adapted to the functions of the female organism
    • Salus quality since 1916

    1 Pck à 15 FB = 27 g 

    The beneficial influence of individual herbs on the female organism has already been reported in ancient folk medicine writings. We also learn to appreciate the natural power of valuable plants. Salus Women's Tea is refreshingly harmonizing and adapted to the functions of the female organism.

    Recommended consumption 

    Pour 200 ml of boiling water over the filter bag in a cup and allow to stand for 5 minutes.
    Then remove the filter bag.

    Enjoy Salus Women's Tea regularly.
    During menstruation we recommend to drink some extra cups.

    Ingredients according to package instructions

    Lady's mantle herb* (32 %), yarrow herb*, green oat herb*, nettle leaves*, ginger rootstock*, shepherd's purse*, melissa leaves*, lemon myrtle leaves*, nanamin leaves*.
    *) From organic farming.
  • img3) GRANDELAT Magnesium powder DIRECT 400 mg

    Price: 28,50 €

    Offered in practical one-dose packets for direct ingestion without water
    Food supplement

    40 portions = 138 g

    DR. GRANDEL GRANDELAT Magnesium DIRECT, 400 mg:
    Dependent on age and gender, adults need 300 to 400 mg magnesium daily. Magnesium must be ingested daily with the food we eat or as supplement. Magnesium plays a particularly important role for the proper functioning of muscles, heart and nerves. Magnesium is needed to ensure the proper functioning of nerve and muscle fibres (including the heart).
    In times of stress, the body eliminates more than the usual amount of magnesium, which must be replaced daily. A person who sweats in the sauna or engages in strenuous activities requires more magnesium than the sedate person who does not sweat quite as much.

    Only one packet of DR. GRANDEL GRANDELAT Magnesium DIRECT provides 400 mg of extra magnesium.
    The tasty magnesium powder in the practical packet can be quickly taken without water anywhere and at any time.
    • gluten-free
    • lactose-free
    • yeast-free

    Recommended intake:

    One sachet daily. The powder trickles into the mouth and melts in the mouth before swallowing. 
    In case of disorders of the mineral balance, especially kidney insufficiency, mineral preparations should only be used after medical advice.
  • img4) Salus Floradix® Iron plus B-Vitamins, Capsules

    Price: 14,25 €

    with iron(II)-gluconate, with increased iron requirement for women and girls 
    food supplement

    • Supply of iron, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12
    • Formation of red blood cells*
    • Reduces fatigue**
    • For a normal immune system***
    • Recommended for separate folic acid intake

    1 Pck à 40 Kps = 48 g

    Floradix® Capsules Iron plus B-Vitamins contain per capsule 14 mg very well available iron(II) and the vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid and vitamin C.
    Floradix® capsules contain no folic acid additive and are specially designed for women who already supplement folic acid.
    They are used to supplement the iron supply, to prevent iron deficiency and to meet the increased demand during pregnancy and lactation.

    Especially for girls, as well as women before menopause, iron supplementation can be useful, because iron is lost during menstruation.

    Iron as well as vitamins B6 and B12 are important for the normal formation of red blood cells, which ensure oxygen transport to the cells for energy production. Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron and, together with vitamins B6 and B12, is involved in the normal functioning of the immune system.

    Recommended intake:

    1 to 2 capsule(s) per day with sufficient liquid.
    It is recommended to take the capsule(s) one ½ hour before a meal. The capsule should be taken over a period of 4 to 8 weeks.
    If possible, it should not be consumed together with coffee, black tea or green tea, as the tannins contained in it can impair the absorption of iron.

    Important notice:

    A healthy lifestyle is always important.
    Do not exceed the recommended daily intake!
    Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

    Ingredients according to package information:

    Olive oil, FISH gelatine, iron gluconate, humectant glycerine, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), coconut fat, dry herb extract (6%) (from spinach leaves, nettle leaves, carrots, bitter fennel fruits, centaury), palm kernel oil, separating agent (beeswax white and yellow, silica), emulsifier lecithins, nicotinamide (niacin), calcium D-pantothenate (pantothenic acid), colouring iron oxides and iron hydroxides, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), thiamine chloride hydrochloride (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

    Storage instruction:

    They should be stored in a cool place (5 to 25 °C), dry and out of reach of children.
  • img5) Dr. Budwig Omega-3 Cell Gold For the Woman

    Price: 19,90 €

    Natural beauty care from the inside: with a valuable mixture of evening primrose and sea buckthorn pulp oil. 

    • Optimum Omega-3 basic supply
    • For natural beauty care from within
    • With evening primrose and sea buckthorn pulp oil, protected alpha-linolenic acid and gamma-linolenic acid
    • Fruity taste

    10 g (1 tbsp) Dr. Budwig Zellgold - For the woman provides you with 4.4 g ALA(α-Linolenic acid).
    ALA helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. The positive effect occurs with a daily intake of 2 g ALA. Ensure a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The use of unsaturated fatty acids instead of saturated fatty acids in the diet has been shown to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. High cholesterol is one of the risk factors for coronary heart disease.


    76 % linseed oil*, evening primrose oil*, argan oil*, almond oil*, 2% sea buckthorn fruit pulp oil* 
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