Losing weight with guarana, polyphenols and dietary fibres

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  • 1) Dr.Wolz Probiocolon Gut+diet* with glucomannan, calcium, probiotic, choline and vitamin B6
  • 2) Alsiroyal Figura Fatburner
  • 3) Salus® Metabolic Active Tea
  • 4) Luvos Healing Earth imutox Granules for oral use, 50 sachets

Price: 25,50


Dr.Wolz Probiocolon Gut+diet* with glucomannan, calcium, probiotic, choline and vitamin B6

Achieve weight loss naturally!*

Probiocolon is the latest product drom Dr. Wolz research - it has been developed to achieve weight loss in an effective and natural way!* Probiocolon's pioneering formula contains specific intestinal bacteria and a trio of innovative plantsourced, soluble, natural dietary fibres; naturally obtained choline, which has high levels of bioavailability to boost lipid metabolism and support hepatic function3; and vitamin B6 to aid energy metabolism and hormone regulation4,5. The formula also supports digestive enzymes with the inclusion of the mineral, calcium.** The dietary fibre, glucomannan, which is made from the root of the konjac plant,* plays a decisive role in weight loss. 

Make allies of your gut flora!

If you want to lose weight, then you must include your gut in your plans. The calcium contained in Probiocolon can help by supporting the digestive enzymes. Approximately (= 100 billion) microorganisms live in our gastrointestinal tract. These include some 400 to 500 different types of bacteria, but also fungi and various other single-celled organisms. They all make up our gut flora. Together with the epithelial surface of the gut, they form a barrier and thus help to protect the whole body.

A clever combination of lactic acid bacteria and dietary fibres

Probiocolon weight reduction contains a clever combination of high levels of specific lactic acid bacteria and three soluble dietary fibres: inulin, which is extracted from chicory; glucomannan from conjac root; and acacia fibre. These high-quality dietary fibres are a perfect complement to the lactic acid bacteria contained in Probiocolon.
  • Lose weight naturally*
  • Contains innovative dietary fibres and specific lactic acid bacteria 
  • Boosts digestive enzymes**, energy and Lipid metabolism3,4, and regulates hormonal activity

Active ingredients:

Soluble dietary fibre (acacia fibre (gum arabic), inulin (oligofructose), konjac glucomannan), calcium, choline, Bifidobacterium longum, vitamin B6
* Glucomannan can help with weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet.
** Calcium aids the normal function of digestive enzymes.
³ Choline supports normal lipid metabolism and helps to maintain normal hepatic function.
4 Vitamin B6 and calcium aid normal energy metabolism.
5 Vitamin B6 helps to regulate hormonal activity. 


315 g powder

Recommendation intake:

Stir 7 g (=one measuring spoon) into a glass of water (=200ml) three times a day before meals. The positive effect starts with a daily dosage of 3 g of glucomannan taken in three 1 g portions along with 1-2 glasses of water before meals and as part of a low-calorie diet.
  • img2) Alsiroyal Figura Fatburner

    Price: 16,99 €

    For the Diet management with overweight (BMI ≥ 30) with increased body fat, belly and hip extent 100% of vegetable origin
    60 capsules = 36,6 g

    • vegetarian
    • vegan
    • gluten-free
    • lactose-free
    • sugar-free

    Food supplement for special medical purposes (balanced diet)

    Overweight (BMI ≥ 30) leads to an excessive increase in body fat. If this occurs mainly on the stomach, it is considered particularly unhealthy.

    Alsiroyal® Figura Fatburner is a food supplement for special medical purposes. It is suitable for the Di?tmanagement with predominance (BMI ≥ 30) with increased body fat, belly and hip extent.

    Alsiroyal® Figura Fatburner Capsules contain a patented active ingredient complex of guarana and highly concentrated polyphenols obtained from citrus fruits (blood orange, grapefruit and orange). They have the properties and characteristics to support fat reduction where it is most important for health: They significantly reduce the abdominal and hip circumference as well as body fat dietetically, as could be proven in a clinical study. 

    Thus Alsiroyal® Figura Fatburner makes a valuable dietary contribution to weight loss - less body fat and thus less abdominal and hip circumference.

    Recommended intake

    Consume 1 capsule daily for breakfast and 1 capsule daily for lunch without chewing and with plenty of liquid.


    Extract from citrus fruits (blood orange, grapefruit, orange) and guarana 74%, capsule shell hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, inulin, separating agent calcium phosphate and magnesium salts of fatty acids.
    2 capsules content 900 mg extract from citrus fruits (standardized to at least 90% polyphenols)

    Important note: 

    Balanced diet. Use only under medical supervision and consult your nutritionist at the health food store if necessary. Not suitable as the only source of food.

    Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children and pregnant women (approx. 1844 mg/100 g).
    Alsiroyal® Figura Fatburner should not be taken at the same time as medication, but every 4 hours. If medicines are taken, e.g. for breakfast, please take 2 capsules of Figura Fatburner for lunch unchewed with plenty of liquid.
    Store in a dry place at 4 - 25°C.
  • img3) Salus® Metabolic Active Tea


    Herbal Tea No. 7 

    • For the natural metabolism
    • Salus quality since 1916
    • 1 Pck à 15FB = 30 g

    Consumption recommendation

    Pour 200 ml of boiling water over the filter bag in a cup and leave to stand for approx. 7 minutes. Then remove the filter bag.


    Drink a cup of tea 3 to 4 times a day between meals.
    A healthy lifestyle and a balanced, varied diet are important for your health.

    Composition according to package information

    Dandelion leaves*, birch leaves*, heather*, goldenrod*, bitter fennel*, rose hip peels*, peppermint leaves*, centaury*.
    *) From organic farming.

    Storage instructions and shelf life:

    Store filter bags in a dry, cool and dark place.
  • img4) Luvos Healing Earth imutox Granules for oral use, 50 sachets

    Price: 15,99 €

    Used as a mineral gastrointestinal agent for

    • supportive treatment of body detoxification
    • breaking down free radicals in food as a mineral catalyst
    • supportive treatment of food intolerance caused by histamine intolerance

    Detox for more energy and wellbeing

    Luvos Healing Earth imutox has been specifically developed for daily inner cleansing. 

    On the basis of modern analysis methods, the Luvos Healing Earth Company, in collaboration with specialised research institutes, has shown that Luvos Healing Earth imutox, an all-natural product, can effectively support detoxification.

    Luvos Healing Earth imutox absorbs harmful substances and heavy metals from food and reliably eliminates them, e.g.

    • hazardous substances (radioactive caesium)
    • heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury and amalgam constituents)
    • plasticisers (phthalates)
    • toxins (bacterial and mould toxins)

    As a mineral catalyst, it breaks down free radicals in food

    Healing Earth can also break down cytotoxic free radicals from food, as they pass through the digestive tract. Unlike other antioxidants such as vitamin E, it does not get depleted, as it is not a reactant, but rather it acts as a mineral catalyst. Thus, Luvos Healing Earth imutox protects the body from oxidative stress, which is responsible for many diseases.

    Environmental toxins put us under stress

    We can be as fastidious about healthy eating as we like, but exposure to environmental toxins is almost inevitable. Thus, many fish are contaminated with mercury, lettuce may sometimes harbour lead and mineral water in plastic bottles may contain plasticisers. Warning signals from the body include fatigue, increased susceptibility to stress, poor mental/physical performance and increased infections. However, Luvos Healing Earth can actively protect our body from toxins in food.

    Dosage instructions:

    Adults and adolescents over 12 years take 1 to 2 sachets of Luvos® healing clay imutox with meals. It should be taken regularly. A longer application does not lead to a habituation or decreasing effect.

    Method of use:

    The granules, produced in an innovative process for which a patent has been applied, are swallowed whole with plenty of liquid (half a glass of water, mineral water or tea). It unfolds its natural and effective effect in the stomach and intestines.
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