Consultation on vital substances
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    A comprehensive vital substance consultation (macro- and microelements, medicinal herbs, plants and their secondary plant substances) consists in the individual compilation of high-quality food supplements and over-the-counter medicines.

My expertise in various technologies, manufacturing processes and certifications of dietary supplements and over-the-counter medicines enables me to compile only the highest quality for you from a multitude of products on the market.

The Fta (IHK) certificate of competence for over-the-counter medicinal products allows me to officially operate the retail trade of dietary supplements in Germany and EU member states.

The food supplements are not medicinal preparations, however synergy and contraindications with medications are very important. They can be used concomitantly, for example, for the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, fatigue and exhaustion, menopause in women.

Consultations are held at:

Main office of Bolongarostr.101C 65929 Frankfurt am Main

To arrange a meeting please call

Phone: +491705888832